BuzzConf 2015

Last weekend I had the opportunity to talk at the inaugural BuzzConf. BuzzConf is a bit different to other technology conferences with bands & DJ’s in the evenings and a family/kid orientated track with workshops on robots and Minecraft! The conference was held in the beautiful but somewhat cold Phoenix Park to the west of Melbourne

Whats new in Microsoft Edge?

The last four months I have been a bit quiet blog and talk wise. This is because I have been hard at work developing a course for Pluralsight – Microsoft Edge for Developers which was released a few weeks ago! But why should you care? Well Edge is the default browser going forwards for Windows systems

Visual Studio 2015 and Roslyn Compiler

Over the next few months in addition to this blog I’ll be writing a few posts for the guys over at The Gooroo platform is a free set of tools designed at helping Software Developers manage their careers. DDD Melbourne attendees might remember Gooroo’s Terence Siganakis & Carl Joseph from their talk  “What we learnt analysing 1.5 million

What is Project Spartan and is IE dead?

It is naughty & generally a bad idea to isten to rumours but around September 2014 & again early January 2015 you may have heard that Microsoft was developing a new browser with the code name Project Spartan. However it wasnt until 21st of January 2015 at a Windows 10 preview event that Microsoft confirmed the existence of this browser and gave us our first peek. Oooo

Webinar for Pluralsight on WebGL and Three.js

Ill be conducting a free webinar for Pluralsight on the topics of WebGL & three.js. The webinar will be held on Sat 23rd 8am Melbourne, Australia time which is Fri 24th 1pm PST  for US readers/viewers. We will look at some of the advantages & disadvantages WebGL has over other web display technologies, some common gotchas & then putting together a simple car game