Intro to RxJS

RxJS is the JavaScript version of a .net library that amongst other things makes it easy to handle, combine and filter events. I gave a talk about RxJS last week – my slides and code examples are available here. On a recent project a colleague (Hendry Luk) suggested we utilize RxJS to solve a tricky issue we were having. We

What is TypeScript?

This week Microsoft released a preview of a language called TypeScript that adds additional features to good old JavaScript (a language I’m sure some of you don’t like that much). TypeScript auguments JavaScript with additional features such as strong typing, classes & interfaces and lambda syntax. These features are aimed at facilitating development and also

Setting up Node on Windows

There is a lot of fuss at the moment in the web development community about a framework called Node.js that allows you to run JavaScript server side. A number of claims about fantastic scalability and lack of locking have been made regarding Node – whether these are actually true and if the advantages outweigh the